Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Easter Fun!!

We had a great time with the Flinders Family here for a few days. We enjoyed hanging out with them, swimming, and hunting for candy at the Boulders Easter Egg Hunt. Grandpa and Grammy were bunnies this year and did a great job! We also had a fun Easter picnic with the Thorpe clan.

Hilary had a fun time at our Easter egg hunt for the Family to Family Network. We were able to have the Easter Bunny come which was fun for all of the kids (minus Drew who thought he was a terrible monster).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We had a very fun vacation at a cabin up in Zion over our Spring Break. We enjoyed playing games, playing in the snow (which is not common for us) and just relaxing. We had a hard time finding a good hill but Dylan and Hunter found one and loved the ride!
Drew didn't break anything or bleed at all the entire weekend, yahoo!!!
Hilary loved the cabin, she smiled the entire time we were there. She got to watch movies, eat yummy food and walk on the snow.
We had a fun night with Trevor, Abbie, Grammy, and Melynda . They all came to visit and eat dinner with us, we were so happy to have them come see us. It was such a nice place to relax and enjoy family.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our Family, March 2008

We had these pictures taken by our good friend Janice in March '07, they are at the Opera House in St. George. As you can see it is not easy getting all 4 kids to do the same thing!! The picture pretty much shows the personality of everyone in it (and yes, Drew does love to pray)!


This is our baby Drew, almost 3 years old!! He has had stitches twice, broken his nose before the age of one and had a severe burn on his leg from Daddy's scooter, we are in for a lot with this one!It's a good thing he is so cute!!
Hunter is our little character, he is 5 and loves preschool! You can't help but fall in love with his personality, he has a lot of it. He loves to be in character and it changes often. His smile melts our hearts and he gets away with probably way too much.

Hilary is our sweet princess. She is beautiful in every way. She loves our dog Dexter and he loves her back. We feel so blessed to have Hilary in our lives, she makes our lives a lot brighter!!


Dylan is our teenager and growing like a weed!
He is now taller than Marcee and his foot is bigger
than Matt's, Grandpa's and most of his Uncles.
We are so proud of our 4.0 student, he is a very special boy!!