Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dylan's band concert was Thursday night. He has really enjoyed playing the trumpet and has improved so much in the last 2 years. His teacher has been amazing, their band has won a lot of awards and they sound so great. My favorite song of the concert was the Indiana Jones theme, I also really enjoyed the Mission Impossible theme, actually they were all awesome!!
Hunter had his preschool graduation Thursday night. He had such a fun year going to school and enjoyed his friends so much. He is our social one! The program was so cute with all the kids in their caps, they all got a diploma and a stuffed animal graduate, Hunter named his 'Jack'.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We got to visit with LaVell at the Washington
City Cotton Days kickoff. Hunter was acting
really nervous around him the whole time, when
we got in the car and headed home he said, "Mom,
was that my Grandpa who died?" We all got a
big kick out of it, no wonder he was acting weird
the whole time and looking at LaVell so strange.

Our months of February through April were busy with Dylan on the Pineview Border League Basketball team. He did very well, even with 6am practices 3 days a week. He was a starter which was exciting and he had a lot of play time in every game. We're proud of him, he's a good kid!!

Drew's birthday was fun! Matt took the day off work so we could have extra fun. We went to the park for lunch and went swimming at Grandpa and Grammy's. He got lots of fun presents, we also took him and the family out to Pizza Factory, he loved it! We can't believe our baby is 3, time flies. He is so much fun, we sure love him and look forward to many more birthdays with him.