Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!

This is Hilary's helper Bridgette on the left, she is so wonderful!! We all think she looks like Hilary too. We are at Grammy's work in this picture, they do trick or treat there and we always go and load up before the big night.

Edward Scissor Hands...

We had a lot of fun on Halloween. The kids got too much candy like always but it was fun going to all of our usual places to trick-or-treat. We hit Grammy's work, then Trunk-or-Treat at the church then the hood. Matt was the hit being Edward Scissor Hands, Dylan was Dr. Suess (sort of), Hilary a bumble bee, Hunter a skull ninja, and Drew "da Hulk".

Hunter loses a tooth!!

Hunter lost his second tooth over the weekend in Provo. He seems to like to lose his teeth while we are up North. This time Dylan knocked it out while wrestling. The first one fell out while eating a burger at Carls Jr. and was never retrieved, if you know what I mean...