Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dylan's Birthday, etc...

OK, so it's been months, SORRY!! There's so much to tell but it's late and I'm too tired so here are the highlights. If anyone has any great blog tips on how to arrange pictures where you want them I would love some advice. It never works how I want it to!

*Dylan's birthday, yes he is 14!!! CRAZY, how could this be!! He is such a good boy and we are so blessed and grateful to have him in our family and lives. He had a fun day, we went to Lazer Mania and he enjoyed shooting all of the neighbor kids. His friend Aubrey decorated his room really cute as a surprise. Grammy took him for ice cream after school. We also went out to dinner that night which made him too full and sick for dessert but oh well. He got some money and had fun shopping with it. Still doesn't care for a cell phone so don't be expecting any texting from him just yet!!

*My 20 year class reunion!! It was a lot of fun, Molly did a great job and it was so fun seeing everyone. I felt like everyone looked the same, well at least the girls did. Some of the guys looked a lot older than Matt (who has us by 4 years being class of 85) but that's just my opinion.

*Babysitting little Kinzey is a blast, she is so cute and we are really enjoying her. The boys are sad when she doesn't come every day. We get her Thursday and Friday.

*Hunter learned how to ride a two wheeler, he is so excited!! He is growing up so fast and learning so much this year is is amazing!

*Bridgette!!!! Or should I say my gift from heaven? We were able to hire a wonderful helper for Hilary and our family. She is from South Carolina and has the best accent. She has been so good for Hilary and she even looks like she could be Hilary's sister. I'll send photos when I get one of the two of them. We all love her but mostly I do I think!!

I know there is more but can't think anymore tonight, I'll try to do better at updating.