Monday, July 7, 2008

Seven Peaks Fun...

Yes, Drew has another owie!! This time no stitches,
we had it glued instead but it probably could have taken
a stitch or two. This time it was a bully in the Nursery.

As you can see swimming is our favorite summer
past time. We went to Seven Peaks while we were
in Provo over the 4th, it was a blast!! Melynda,
Noah, and Jonah went as well, it was so much fun!!


Emilee said...

I love Seven Peaks Resort. I went there on vacation once as a kid. I thought it was the best place on earth. It is a great thing to do in Provo.

The Flinders said...

That little Drew boy. Did you super glue it, or have someone else do it? Sounds like Seven Peaks was a blast! My kids are begging to go...Maybe after girls camp. Love you guys.