Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back Yard Grass

We Have Grass!!! It only took 5 years but we've got it!! Matt has done a great job with everything. He put in the whole sprinkler system including the drip system and planted so many plants and moved so many rocks, he deserves a break but probably won't get it!!


mena said...

Marci!! I'm so happy to see grass I remember us talking last summer and the glum look on your face as you looked out your back window haha I can't wait to see it in PERSON i would love to come down asap!!

Emilee said...

Yipee for grass! I was estatic to get grass in my backyard after two years. I can't imagine five. It looks like a fantastic yard. Wow!

Gubba said...

It is a lot of work when you do it yourself, Good Job matt!!! and all who helped. Maybe we ought to come down and take you up on staying with you for a day or two!

The Flinders said...

YEA for grass! It looks terrific! congrats...Can't wait to see it.